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As a small business or startup, allow your customers to virtually book a spot or walk-in. Standspot Lite offers all the essential features to have you up and running with virtual queue management within a couple of hours. Your customers can book their spot using a website, a mobile App or by walking in.


How It Works

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1. Tap to Book

Customers book a spot through your website, mobile app, or SMS. Once the Standspot-powered check-in button is pressed on your website/app, a pop-up shows your customers all of your nearby locations and wait times. They can attain their tickets for the location or service they like with one touch. 

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2. Walk-in customers

For customers who do not check-in online and simply walk-in, Standspot offers a solution suitable for any tablet-based kiosk that can be placed near the main door, to allow customers to easily book for a ticket once they visit your location.

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3. Call customer tickets

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4. Monitor Performance

The real-time dashboards and performance analytics allow the management to monitor staff and location performance and receive customer feedback. The analytics tool helps with insights leading to resource planning, increasing customer satisfaction, and process optimization.


Product Features


Omni Customer Experience


Associate App

Caller widget offers associates ability to view, manage, transfer customers for enhanced customer interaction.

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The on-site kiosk check-in app supports any standard tablet based kiosk allowing the walk-in customers to select the service, get a ticket number, print the ticket and receive notifications via SMS or email.

Perfect Solution for:

The centralized control system enables your admin to allocate customer service agents to meet the demands of your locations in the system. Your agents are then able to use the system, based on the roles they are given, to call the customers’ tickets when their turn is up. Their ticket number will be displayed on the TV screens. There can also be multiple displays across the waiting area and next to the agents’ desks, where it can display the desk number or name (via the Display App). 

Walk-in customers

Standspot Queue system provides your customers the ability to get in the service queue through SMS, your website, your App, or through the in-store kiosk. The customer finds data on location, status, wait time, people in line, and distance of the service from their location.


Food & Beverages

Allow customers to reserve in advance through their mobile phones. The virtual queue will inform your customers via SMS about their number in line, an option to go back in line and get real-time updates.



Allow customers to book a slot in the gymnasium and be informed on the start and stop time o their slot. Make optimal use of available capacity while respecting social distancing. 



Customers can book on-site, online, or from their mobile phones using iOS/Android App or using your website. They will see all your locations, wait times, and distance from their current location helping them make the decision. Get in line or book with a couple of taps.





Walk-in and Virtual

Standspot kiosk app runs on any tablet and allows booking and printing of tickets for specific services with a few taps. Two-way SMS notifications are sent to customers allowing them to get updates and request changes on-demand via SMS. 


Display & Announce

Standspot Display app shows real-time queue information that is updated with the online virtual check-ins, allows media streaming, scrolling promotional texts, and announcements of the tickets in multiple languages.



Rich visualizations at service, wait-time, and office location level for walk-ins and appointments. 

Graphical representation of average time, customer flow, and tickets facilitates actionable insights based on real-time data.


Suggested Accessories


Table Stands

Tablet stands for location walk-in customers.



Certified wireless bluetooth printer to print queuing tickets.


Apple TV

Apple TV to connect to any display and run Skiplino Display App.


Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV to connect to any display and run Skiplino Display App.



StandSpot's Commitment

A touchless response to support social distancing. Combats the spread of COVID-19 by allowing customers to wait in a queue from their mobile device.

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