Virtual Queue System: How it Benefits Your Business

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

There has been a great pause for reflection during the pandemic period as most industries are experiencing a shift due to the virus. Many industries have had a hit, and it will take time for business to return to a stable state. While this is true, many resources have been made available to help businesses jump back to the pathway of profitability.

One such solution that is helping businesses to combat the negative repercussions of the pandemic is the virtual queue management system. This has given many businesses a competitive edge in a time like this. What then is a virtual queue management system, and how can a business benefit from it? These are the questions that we would address in this article. Let's take a closer look at the virtual queue management system.

What is a virtual queue management system?

A virtual queue management system is simply a system that allows customers and people to remotely queue instead of standing in a physical queue or lineup. This has proven to help people control during a time when social distancing is highly encouraged. So for a business to effectively control the flow of people and traffic, a virtual queue management system is critical.

A virtual queue management system also helps in taking away the stress of handling physical lineups when you have restricted space. You also give your customers to wait virtually or remotely from anywhere.

How does virtual queue management system work?

A virtual queue management system can be operated in different ways thanks to the innovations of many companies like Standspot. Some businesses might choose to allow their customers to order from their website or app and schedule a pick-up appointment at a curb-side pickup point.

To understand perfectly how the virtual queue management system works, let take a look at two use cases.


Instead of allowing your customers to wait tirelessly in a long queue before they are served, you can make use of a virtual queue tool that can allow your customers place their orders through a mobile app with a 2-way SMS which informs the customer virtually when it is their turn to pick up their food. The app lets them receive real-time feedback and analytics.


For a scenario in hospitals, patients can scan a QR code on your door to generate a token and receive real-time updates through their mobile phones. They can move around in free spaces or their vehicles or receive real-time updates from their homes to leave on time for an appointment.

Check out more use cases from Standspot

Benefits of a virtual queue management system

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of a virtual queue management system for your business.

Reduction of wait time

This is the ultimate benefit of a virtual queue management system. A recent study discovered that 25% of customers would only have the patience to wait for 2 minutes or less, 59% of customers can only wait for around 4 minutes or less, while 73% of customers will abandon their purchase if the wait time exceeded 5 minutes.

With this result, certainly, customers are not willing to wait for long. With a virtual queue system, there is a reduced time of waiting, which improves the outcome of your business and revenue.

Client satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, you need to adjust to the needs of the customer by providing value and valuing their time. The more you value their time, the more loyal your customers would be to you. Once you can cut down on the wait time, you can eliminate anxiety and improve the satisfaction of your customers.

Increased sales

Having your customers coming back due to improved satisfaction and cut down on waiting time, you drive recurring visits. This is a great strategy for better sales and repeats customer retention.

Reduced operational cost

Reducing wait time and increasing client satisfaction results in cost savings. This, in turn, results in the improvement of the operational processes. While collecting data. The insights from this information help to eliminate service bottlenecks leading to cost reduction.

Standspot is one of the innovative companies in this space that offers a cloud-based Virtual Queue Management System focused on minimizing wait times, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing total cost-to-serve through its advanced data analytics capabilities.

For a limited time, California based SaaS provider is offering the complete Virtual Queue System free of charge for three months. You can visit their website to set up to see how it fits your business needs.

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